Reach supports six widget areas:

  • Default sidebar:¬†Displayed on pages and posts in the right column.
  • Campaign sidebar: Displayed on individual campaign pages in the right column.
  • Campaign below content: Displayed on individual campaign pages in the main column underneath the content, but before the comments area.
  • Footer left: Displayed site-wide in the footer.¬†Multiple widgets are added below each other, on the left side of the footer.
  • Footer right: Displayed site-wide in the footer. Multiple widgets are added alongside each other in rows of three, on the right side of the footer.

To manage your widget areas:

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance > Customize.*
  2. Open the Widgets tab.
  3. You will see widget areas displayed that match the current live preview.
    РIf you want to edit the Default sidebar, navigate to an individual page, post or your blog archive.
    РIf you want to edit the Campaign sidebar or Campaign below content, navigate to an individual campaign page.
    – You can edit the footer widget areas from any page.
  4. Select the widget area you want to edit. In this example, I have chosen the Campaign sidebar widget area:

    Reach widget customization screen
    Managing campaign widgets in Reach.
  5. Click Add a Widget to add a new widget. You can also click an existing widget to edit its settings.
  6. When you have finished making changes, click the blue Save & Publish button at the top of the customizer panel.

* You can also do this via Appearance > Widgets, but the Customizer gives you a live preview of your widgets as your add them.